Chapter One


Satan draws the soul to sin by choosing wicked company.

Do not be

deceived; evil company corrupts good habits.”



Corinthians 15:33. I

say to you, you shall not suffer yourself to dwell among the wicked, nor


shall you permit them to dwell among you, lest you become one of them.


You shall cast them out, as you would a wolf among the sheep. Send them


out, I say, to live in the wild places of their wickedness, like wolves in


the barren mountains. Suffer not the sinners to taint the peaceful valley,


where the righteous dwell.


—Reverend Edward Johns, Gideon,

Church of Christ Returning, 1794

Near the top of north mountain a tumbledown shed leaned

against an old lightning-struck oak at the edge of a raggedy field.

Inside, Albert Erskine bent over a sprouting box and gently, methodically,

planted the marijuana seeds he’d soaked last night. He placed

each one


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