Dream Pastiche by Cara Hancox

Last night I dreamed

 it was early morning.

I lay cocooned

 bound by invisible silk threads

spun gossamer light

Old clothes, ripe with mould

gently assaulted my sensibilities

from under the veil of army issue

Relics greeted me

as old friends

whom I lovingly raised

and resurrected

like flags in ceremony

Soon after

as morning crept in

an orange and dappled dawn

encircled my camp

I looked to my father

who stood tall as a tree

he whispered unsung lullabies

carried off into the wind

around tightly-wound memories

My gypsy family and I

lay sheltered together

 under a flapping khaki roof

where I dug that day

through the ruins of my past

With ripened awareness

I dream-watched

my state-of-grace blossom

filling my inner-landscape

until small shoots of tenderness

 sprouted around me

and I remained there, surrounded

I commandeered a reunion

From this safe place

and cleared a path

from the brittle underbrush of my past

creating space for stagnant sorrow

to escape

Here, with silent awareness

I ever so gently

brought back images and

 songs of love I’d lost

and quietly remembered

others I longed to hear

Cara Scott Hancox is an interior decorator and writer whose interests include: literature, metaphysics, family history, and mythology. Cara lives life reflexively and believes “our everyday experiences and interactions all have the potential for literary expression.”

After moving to the National Capital Region to Ottawa East, in 2004 Cara became a regular participant and reader at the Gloucester Spoken Word Oral Storytelling and Writer’s group  in Orleans. She has been a regular supporter of The Ottawa International Writer’s Festival and attended Richard Taylor’s Writer Retreat at Val des Mont, Quebec in 201o where the author and Carleton University Creative Writing adjunct professor holds an annual retreat for both published and aspiring writers. Since then, Cara’s interests have expanded into short story writing and autobiographical/diaristic pieces in addition to her first love, poetry.


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