Submission poetry Ilona Martonfi

sunday @ 6 literary mag

Dear Editors,

Dear Christine Davet, Editor

Kindly replace the poem, “The unsalvageable”

with “ The Luncheon, 1873— Claude Monet”



The Luncheon, 1873— Claude Monet

Will enough of us join in?

Earth overdosing on acid

oysters, sea urchins

a world without coral reefs

plankton, pteropod, the sea butterfly

a thinning of shellfish skeletons.

Silver reed basket, its loaf of bread

grandmother’s plain yoghurt,

nougat macaroons, café latte

the falling pH, carbon dioxide

ending up in oceans

all that is left, stinging algae.

Its ripe figs, mulberries,

Le déjeuner set in a walled garden

roquefort and brie, wild asparagus, rosé wine

parasol left on the bench, forgotten there

white linen tablecloth, peach trees

a boy playing with wooden blocks.

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