Survive by Shelby Vieira

Every day it reaches for my throat,
Slowly dragging its claws down my neck,
Past my shoulders.
On purpose, it digs its nails in between my ribs,
Scratches are sure to scar mark my hips so the bruises are not alone.
The claws lovingly caress my long legs till they get to the bottom of my feet,
Tears threaten to pour down my cheeks as the nails sink into their arches.

Suddenly just as I think it’s over,
It starts back up once again.

She’s always there for me,
When it comes back with its claws
She holds me as I cry
And when I tell her that I’m not worth it,

To live on without me,
To live as she wants,
She glares before slamming her head on to mine.

A best friend is someone who believes in you,
When you cease to believe in yourself.
Are my hardships, making me stronger?
Or are they really
Killing me?

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