Plasma Zombies

Between pages made from trees or by the window in front of us,

all we see is what is wrong. From the highest chair, we claim to superiority

when we have become the insects under a grander boot. Always in constant


In a land where every sin becomes an abuse,

our will diminishes, like trees consumed by a sea of fire.

The land we consider our home will turn into a cesspool of corruption

and greed. Politicians become dictators. The free world isn’t free anymore.

We put ourselves in constant strife,

fighting for just about anything, and every time, at one point,

we all lose. We lose our homes. We lose our rights. Eventually, we

will lose our minds.

Glued to our media, looking for an answer,

we become the victims of a plague.

A plague that is invisible and incurable. We became Plasma Zombies:

humans who waste away looking at their screens like flies

caught in a web.

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