A Bath In Bed by Chad Norman

No debate on who is master now.

Nothing said with the human voice matters,
she looks up dazed and unimpressed,
she does not need water,
she requires absolutely no soap,
she makes it so clear any shampoo
is a blend her coat will not wear.

Nothing the tongue does
is about allowing her to be unclean,
is other than how she stays so queenlike,
is how one part of her body
knows, yet mysteriously, when
other parts of her body are ready
to be cleaned, sought by teeth too,
the positions she masters then
so easily and so beautifully.

Nothing the tongue seeks is exempt,
even the region under her tail,
a bath taken in one of her
many cozy, unpredictable beds,
daily licking when noticed
seems to last forever.

Casa Harris

November 22, 2012

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