A Valentine by Grell V. Grant

A Valentine

In some possible
world, there are two
of you: so, I can
happily bestow twice
as much of all these
the diminishing hands scented

goods desired. And crystals remember
two of me: any will curling
one of us, the ultimate beached longing
friend for each need
of you. The one—there for endless surrender
with you in your daily

crusade to love and ensoul
the world. And the other carved into touch the body
one—now, there for you ( when my diverse revealed shore
dawn awakens) wholly sweetening
present as an ever-
lasting, unique gift (this soul- this naked

centered vista, my belief
world, a heart, finally in summer ripeness
in harmony, nature now
at peace) its truth revealed whispered
lovingly to you, when my coastal tide shapes waves flight
rises. In this overflowing

possible world, there is only one rose, one declaration
of you, still, you otherness freed
are my morning and evening
star, hot, Venusian
blush, essentially lips, cool, bursting into
fathomless, you offer light

me, unerringly, the right color, reddish
scale to measure petals soft delights
both the breadth
and depth of (the heaven, largely deep sudden
implicit in Eros and flushed
Agape blossoming, and coming to you trembling

rest, here) my love. with pleasure


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