After Reading, “They Are Coming!” in the NY Review of Books by Claudia Morrison

Speaking of End Times, how come the Bible
neglects to mention JELLYFISH,
who are even now silently, behind our backs,
multiplying beyond reason,
inexorably emptying the oceans
of all living forms but themselves.

Mindless, voracious, endowed
with extraordinary reproductive power;
hermaphroditic, indestructible,
able to clone themselves indefinitely,
using any of the choice environments
we have provided them, rusted hulks,
oil rigs, floating islands of plastic garbage,
all ideal for jellyfish polyps to carry on
their insidious cycle.
Until the oceans are empty, even of plankton,
especially of plankton,
one of our last remaining carbon sinks.

No plankton, more atmospheric carbon.
No plankton, no whales; no seals; no fish.
No fishermen.
No Us,
if our earth home turns into Venus.

No sci-fi script could be more horror-filled
than this, yet it is real: our existence
is menaced by mindless blobs crowding the seas,
casting shadows of planetary death,
blighting all hope, negating all purpose.

And the Bible never breathed a word.

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