Broken Bonds by Meaghan O’Shea-Boulanger

We look alike

We sound alike

We think alike

Yet we aren’t alike.

Through your darkest moments you are carried.

Through my darkest moments I am trampled.

I love you,

Yet I envy you.

You have everything,

I have nothing.

Don’t you see?

You’re a queen.




I can never be you.

I can never achieve your goals,

I can never believe your beliefs,

I can never be loved as you are loved.

Even though,

We look alike,

Sound alike,

Think alike,

We are not,

And never will be one.



Meaghan O’Shea-Boulanger is a 17 year-old college student residing in St-Eustache, Quebec. She lives with her parents and sister and writes poems 3-4 times a week, wishing to become a university English teacher as a profession. Meaghan believes that poems are stronger than stories, and that they are much more touching on a person’s soul than songs, stories or letters. Meaghan has always thought of poems as a way of releasing all negative or positive energy from within a person in a healthy way. Her dream is to one day have her poems published in a book where she can share her thoughts and emotions with millions of people who have gone through similar moments and can understand the depths of her poems as she does.


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