Dammed Rivers by Eleni Panagiotarakou

Human beavers built tall walls
Holding waters from reaching long shores.
Mountain rivers, haulers of nourishing loads,
Bloat and choke under human works.


Flooded lands, living trees submerged
Decay and rot,
Oxygen no longer bestow,
Methane they now endow.


Dolphins die and anadromous fish mourn
Lost returns to spawning homes.
Kingfishers and Warblers
Cry out for lost abodes.


Downstream, the river’s famine grows
Digs hard and deep into its bed and banks,
Sediment to sate its hunger it seeks
but destruction reeks


The Earth moans, the Earth groans,
Under trillions of impounded metric tons
The axis tilts, the gravitational field shifts
Rivers on hold.




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