DIRECTIONAL by Jeffrey Mackie

This…is the reason me and my girlfriend are together,
we happened to be the only two people
whenever i try dancing…i fail
“I am more like this and not anything like THAT.”
Beyond that, reverence is silly. More to the point:
The world will never know beauty like this again.
I wish he had made a different decision that day.
and I feel like I do not have enough tears inside to express how sad I am

Wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for blues in America
I totally agree with you..
I’m kind of glad not everybody knows them.
Not everybody is able to appreciate them
it’s not lame at all… man, I’m worrying about the fucking future.
I couldn’t imagine my life without their music.
Too beautiful for words.

How many years later and it still gives me goosebumps.
Ironically I want to cry with HAPPINESS
You have to understand his pain,
and when you appreciate…fully,
….will bring tears to your eyes or make rage bubble up inside you
Even music wasn’t able to save him from himself.

Jeffrey Mackie is a poet living in Montreal, Canada. He also does a regular literary feature on CKUT radio in Montreal.


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