Elemental by Grell V. Grant

Sightless, rain-

swept, the wind

arrives.  Unwanted


thinking stirs:  deep,

ripening beliefs emerge

from the sea, effortlessly


weaving between pointed

rocks, tugging at clouds, at half-

awakened water


birds, need barely surviving

wreckage.  The old

mind still dreams


of restoring

flesh.  Communion

becomes, love


or forgiveness

ebbs then swiftly

flows away


from us, evading the torn,

the weary, and darkness

touches heaven


and earth, swallows the blue

breath of desire’s

now drifting


body.  Ideas

bloom, invading the Cape

with a green


burst of waves,

a strong current

of shoreless after


thoughts.  Cliffs

brood above

the coast: erosion


seeps through

the dying sea

wall, and loss



into the faded summer

of our hearts.

Grell V. Grant is a contributing editor of sunday @ 6 mag


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