I am ….. Alcohol by Asha Haywood

Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is alcohol. I cause slurs in your words, make you stumble a lot and even cause you to be violent. I am used and abused at parties. I am around when parents are not, and hidden under sheets and undergarments when parents are seen. I make you feel so good that you feel obliged to drink me just to have fun. I am mixed with other drinks and I am known as the “feel good” method. I make you forget about the past and also make you tell the cold hard truth. When you start to regain consciousness of the present, you take another drink, two shots of me. I cause bad breath, tear and death. I cause you to act foolish, forget everything and make you throw up. You receive morning pains and hangovers. Even though I cost 50$ plus and make you barf, you can’t get enough of me. I am the reason so many loved ones die and the reason you beat your partner. But with time and patience, you learn to avoid me…you take me less and buy me less. I am no longer your friend, but am now your enemy.

Asha Haywood is a 16 year-old student who attends Villa Maria High School in Montreal.


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