It’s 3:21 am by Tara Dawn Blanchet


A shipwreck writhes

In my unsettled stomach

Sinking to the bottom

On a tragic descent

A shadow of its former glory

An echo of the determined adventurer.


Sails once so full and optimistic

Are shredded and abused

So thin they’re transparent

Frail to the touch.


The mast is fractured

In most complicated ways

Requiring all the healing science

Of a patient & compassionate Architect

With gentle hands.


Still this wanderer of the seas

Drifts downwards

Beckoned by the urchin & algae

Lurking at the bottom of my center

Anxiously awaiting to envelope her

In a final embrace

Tuck her into the crowded bed of the disillusioned

Leaving her to dream eternally

Of rescue & salvation.

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