Now by Mark Samuels

I wannit now,
that widescreen, that whale oil,
that weapon system,
that war.
Waiting is for wimps.

Scientists have proved that human beings
are incapable of long term planning.

C’n I have it now?
That candy, that car,
that corporation,
that country?
Throw caution to the winds.

Evolution exploits random variation,
inconsistent with knowledge-based decision-making.

Have to have it now,
that hard body, that house,
that hydrogen bomb,
that heaven.
He who hesitates is lost,

Most species last a million years then go extinct,
it’s uncertain whether humans will conform to the rule
or be the exception.

I am a research scientist with a PhD in Biology and more than 40 published peer review articles in professional journals. I study basic human genetics as an Associate Professor in Medicine at the University of Montreal since 2006. In my personal life, I enjoy music and dance, especially European ethnic styles, as well as classical chamber music. As an amateur I play folk lutes such as the turkish saz and oud, and recently have studied classical viola (alto).


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