Ode To The Boston Marathon 2013 by Frank Hicks

Running sweating, pushing your mind and body beyond all boundaries
Running for just cause, running for life, running for the future
Running with friends, running with strangers
Doctors, factory workers, politicians, the unemployed running together
United in their quest, united in their commitment,
United in their love of life and humanity.
Spectators watching, encouraging, supporting the runners
Crying, laughing, and screaming with delight
The Boston marathon is off and all feels right with the world
Supporters, sponsors and runners united in a battle to save lives
To generate funds to fight cancer, diabetes, and heart disease
All the plagues that attack and kill men, women and children
All but one

Smoke, blood, dismemberment and death staining Boston roads and sidewalks
An innocent child clutching a loving banner lying dead on the street
Testaments to the callused hearts, minds and souls of delusive demagogues
Testaments to hypocritical, self-righteous fanatics
Barbaric acts justified by confused ideologies or distorted religious beliefs
Goddamn misguided causes/ Goddamn the Gods of hate, death, destruction.
God damn them.

Frank Hicks was born in Ireland and raised and educated in Canada My business experience includes marketing, customer service, administration and accounting management. After leaving my job as a financial controller I followed my dream and became the owner of my first antique shop in 1982. After a very successful career I decided in 2003 to settle down to a quiet life in Hudson, Quebec. I am an very active volunteer with ties to the local Library charity shop, the Hudson Historical society (I’m curator of the local museum), the Hudson Merchants committee, dog rescue groups and I’m on the board of the Nichoir . I self published a book on Antiques and collectables titled. ” Memoirs of an Antique/Junk Dealer.”

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