Precious Time on the porch by Joni McCollam

We start every day the same in summer.
Big cup of hot coffee and anticipation
Happy to see each other again
Just like yesterday and the day before that
We sit way high up in our nest set in the trees,

We take that hot coffee with its enticing aroma
Sit on the old sofa and listen
Sometimes to the birds chirping
Squirrels in the branches
Doing acrobatics for us.

Life on the Lake is like this:
Calm and tranquil.
It embraces us and makes us who we are.
The smell of burning toast and fresh red strawberries;
We take the time to think.

The gentle morning starts the new day,
Another cup to savour.
Sometimes the rain comes
Fast and hard in the summer heat
Or in a soft patter it comes to make us dream.

The night brings something special too,
The same old couch waits there until
We come glass in hand with some elixir,
Maybe wine or ice water, cool and refreshing.
The fireflies of the night work their magic,

The frogs sing their usual song through the night.
Sometimes we fall asleep out there,
To wake suddenly to the night’s coolness
Thinking happily this summer is never going to end.

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