prosed between a tweet and a poem,remembered by Elaine Steinberg


 I was invited on the board of Sunday @ 6 but,I am not known as a writer but,I have a son Douglas, father of three who has four close friends, symbolically ‘my five sons’, two of whom are known writers :Arjun Basu and Jason Camelot, editor and professor respectively, acknowledged in the literary arena for Twitters and Poetry;registered in my life as ‘the boys’ who hung out at home thoughout the nineties in their pre-married period, privileging me with a collection of memories.


Arjun spent one entire Christmas sitting on a  uncomfortable kitchen stool,living completely inside his head-writing.Occasionally he responded “yes” to a plate of turkey or to load firewood.Silent,steadfast, clever and witty,Arjun ‘yes’  expanded into a successful career.

Jason at a party,standing in the corner of my barn-turned- living room, with his spontaneous bursts of smiles, like his friend Douglas, guitar in hand,sang poems heard by a dear old man at his last gathering.

Each summer Douglas and his two writer friends Arjun and Jason with their children,vacation at a summer  cottage.  Argun and Jason hand over bedtimes stories,banking up memories for themselves and the children.

  Perhaps that is why we all do what it is we all do everyday of our lives: storehouse memories, useable while we remember.







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