Sandbag by julia Schroeder


You send photographs of flowers

not people

(though the dinner will have been eaten, the hike hiked)

and italicize all the excitement

This prairie crocus

grows in dry conditions! 

Is frost resistant!

Susan and Ila   thought they were wonderful!,

                                    But they’re also

                                                            So impressed with your eastern Trillium!!


Then you tack down goodbye with xs,

(like eyes after some cartoon knock out).

And I wonder if our rapport was a river—

(Instead of an album of pictures):

Would it burble grammatic euphoria

And flow miles from dryness?


Or would the riverbank erode around us?


And after a season or two of flood:

(our exclamatory tack and pin love)


Do you think a garden might grow there?!



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