Scotia by Adan E. Suazo

My mind cannot stop the course
It began when spring buds bloomed
June sped by with your absence before
Carpets of red were laid on your moon

July took you away from me
It took away protocol and heart
A warm sun in turn then shone on trees
Unfair exchange on nature’s part

With you left attention and voice
Two sisters of our ungodly love
They now hide behind doubtful choice
White silk curtain hung high above

Where did it all go wrong, tell me
Were expectations a part of it?
Was second place really that bad?
Did the blue dress finally fit?

You have been warm with a crust of ice
Neither caring nor hateful you are
You are as distant as you are precise
In the place which for me you carved

No longer do I know where your feelings lie
We look like a table just dusted-on
Can my name and memory wane and die
As fast as you buy your ticket to Boston?

Your silence gets paired with my questions
Some which I will never dare to ask
The further away you push without affection
The closer you’ll be to losing my gasp

You hit me enough on the same place
The skin is rough and I feel nothing
You whip my back with your disdain
There is no blood or sign of cutting

What I’m trying to say, I think, is this…

Let your indecision cloud your mind
But I am no toy of yours that you can kiss
When kisses you need to quench your strive
For company, for strength, for chances amiss

I made up my mind long ago
It is your turn to reciprocate
Will we be the boat that you tow
Or will we be the pet that you spayed?

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