Seeing by Carol Katz

I look in the mirror at my naked body
as I have done before,
but I see it for the first time.

Its contours, creases
and crevices stare
back at me.

My hammertoe presses
against my big toe; my curled toes,
wide feet, are more pronounced.

I squint into the mirror;
my legs swell with varicose veins,
my pubic hair has disappeared;

my navel protrudes and creases fold
around my waist;
my breasts sag. I see

how indentations in my neck form
a triangle which exaggerates
my double chin;

my face is fat, my lips cracked
and dry. On my cheeks I see
no wrinkles;

I look in the mirror again. I see
my wide feet, varicose veins, lines,
sagging breasts,

my creased neck, double chin,
my fat face, crevices,
creases, and dry lips,

and love what I see.


I am an archivist by profession and a guitarist, artist, writer, singer, dancer and actress by creation. I began composing poetry and short stories 12 years ago and love the freedom that writing affords. It has opened my mind to a wealth of ideas and has helped me cope with difficult times. I find myself delving into uncharted territory and loving the journey.


Several of my poems and short stories have been published in various journals and anthologies both in hard copy and online, in Canada and the United States. I have written a children’s book which is ready for publication. I’m an active member of the Quebec Writers Federation. I get my inspiration on bus rides. You might call it “writing in motion.” I live in Montreal, Quebec, am married to Sol Katz, Librarian and Bibliophile, and have two wonderful children.



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