Sunrise – Sunset by Elizabeth D’Ambrosio

We joy in the splendour of sunrise
and the hopes of a day just begun,
but give me the gold of the sunset
when the labours of day are done.

For sunrise calls us to living
each precious moment of day,
but the gold of the evening sunset
says, “Put all your labours away.”

Says, “As you rejoiced in the morning
in the promise of things to be done,
let the deeds of the day reward you
with the gold of the setting sun.”

And I, who now bask in this glory,
look back on a life nearly run,
can truly say that I’m blessed
at the going down of the sun.

For splendour of sunrise surrounds me
in the shining face of my young
and the cycles of life are forever
and sunrise and sunset are one.


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