Tee Vee: The Buzz Of Television by

Smooth the wrinkles, fill it in, puff it out, banish all evidence of a life, well or badly lived. Fill your bra with jelly.

News about people, places and things; good news, bad news, instant witnesses to the fall of countries, to the rise of arrogance, to the ubiquity of power.

Chaos sifts into our living rooms seeping into our psyche.

Spend your money, buy the bling, invest in greed, oh that’s the thing.

Make a profit on children’s backs. Let’s dally while they toil.

“Bernies” with forked tongues promise unimaginable riches to build a dream…ooops, a nightmare

On the road, supercharged… tires of spun safety, sex in a brand.

Win a stove, win a car, win the dough, chump change, show your smarts or not so smarts. Answer questions; bare your soul; let the whole world in and the whole world scoffs.

All will be resolved… head doctors, heart doctors, soul doctors.

Join the hordes, pray in groups, pray in vain, pray for perfection, pray for redemption; but pray. Send the money. Abundant greenbacks achieve whiter souls. Pay at the back, please. Strong arms need big bucks.

Support the whales, help the puppies, grow a tree. Landfills feed the gulls and the starving of the world… gathering up our disposals- a strange and heartless recycling

Plastic bags fly on less than gossamer wings; bottles bob, garbage islands swirl around the earth amid winds of too little change.

Clouds of wayward oil coat the birds, coat the shore, and sink the beauty into underwater despair.

Tiny tots wrenched from childhood, prance and sway in macabre dances of simulated womanhood- sex in a diaper. Painted lips and glossy hair, tiny swinging hips like syncopated cuckoos; mothers’ mouths are frothing for victory and fame: too bad little one, your carefree days are over.

You can be a baby in your dying years when no-one will see you, hear you or care. Dance in your walker sweetie, dance!

Get it up; keep it up; after 4 hours yell for help; romance in a little blue pill- youth and orgasm forever.

Buy happiness at the pharmacy, no need for black or green or blue thoughts.

There’s sunshine on the horizon, even at midnight.

Smile with those beautiful veneered teeth. The eyes are dull, the heart is empty.

Be an athlete, make the money, wars on the field or on the ice.

He shoots, he scores- my head hurts. I cannot see, my brain is shaking, and grey matter turns to mush. Buy cars, buy super-duper, extra wide, plasma “Tee Vee” screens or chips or hassle- free vacations.

Put your money down, put your faith in, but leave your brains at the door.

For that, you get the deal.

Eat! the bigger the better, contribute to the national pastime of overconsumption. Waddle to the counter; better still, lower the window, order oversized, gigantic, triple. Slurp up the gallon-sized drink… yum- a bungled pancreas, a clotted heart, a blood soaked medulla.

Ethnic cleansing in my living room…entertainment for all…and the rocket’s red glare burst in the air.

Bye- Bye Birdie.




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