Ten minutes to live a life
Ten minutes to find a wife
Ten minutes to take a breath
Ten minutes to cheat a death
What can you do in ten minutes
Drink a beer
Rustle a steer
Eat bread and cheese
Fall to your knees

Ten minutes to say a prayer
How long to speak to God
Depends on what you say
Pray for world peace
Pray for absolution
Pray for the sick
Pray for a revelation

Ten minutes for a revelation
Don’t take too long
No time for hesitation
Minutes are skipping by
Seconds will follow
And nano seconds really fly

Ten minutes to learn to fly
Ten minutes to grow some wings
Ten minutes to learn to sing
Ten minutes to write a song
Eight minutes already gone
Find the lyrics confound the cynics
Find a rhyme that matches the beat
Time’s running out while you are tapping your feet
The time’s all gone
Best go home
Only ten seconds to compose a poem

Chris Brown is a professor in the Theatre department at John Abbott Colllege


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