The Concentration Bug by Justine Frankel

I was so young,
How would I know,
That there are many places,
My mind could go.

It travelled fast,
Exploring places,
Making up little scenes,
Making names and faces.

Paying no attention,
While I’m in class,
My focus would travel,
With it’s boarding pass.

I could fly to the moon,
But I couldn’t hear,
My teacher was talking,
Right into my ear.

From day to day,
From desk to desk,
The teachers would talk,
I’d appear statuesque.

Oh the places I went,
Because school was so boring,
The Professors would talk,
And I would be snoring.

So I didn’t concentrate,
It was quite some trouble,
Learning isn’t easy,
When your head’s in a bubble.

They said pills would help,
Medication and all,
They helped my mind out,
My distractions in a ball.

Upping up dosage,
Was just what I need,
My teachers were happy,
My parents agreed.

I did what I was told,
Didn’t argue or yell,
I didn’t understand why,
But nobody would tell.

And then when kids said,
I’m stupid and dumb,
I said “its just a pill,
Doesn’t change what I become”.

They laughed and they laughed,
Then I finally understood,
The word “special” isn’t nice,
It means retarded and no good.

I was so young,
How would I know,
That I had ADHD,
And it’ll never go.


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