The Word is all we have by Arjun Basu

The word is all we have. It leads to everything. To action. To love. To war. It can mask our feelings. It can be true. Untrue. The cause of good and evil. I have made a life out of the weight of the word, the careful use of words strung together to mean things, the careful editing of words. The words not written that mean more than the words on a page. They can come deliberately or without thinking but both have weight. It is what children learn as they grow, the weight of words. An adult, a true adult, understands that we are the sum of the words we speak. Because, ultimately, the word is all we have.

Arjun Basu is a writer and editor living in Montreal. In 2008, his first book of short stories, Squishy, was published. His first novel is currently making the rounds with publishers. He also writes 140-character stories on Twitter. These stories have won awards, have been the basis of a movie, are taught in schools, and have earned him over 145,000 followers worldwide. He is as perplexed by this as everyone else.


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