To Listen by Marci Babineau

A line in the sand
Stands innocently
Calling out
Small glassy grains fallen
Each apart from the other

With each redrawing
Strengthens its existence
To the next, and the next,
More defined with each stroke,
Until sandboxes
Become our rock foundations
Structuring our lives
Gradually carved in stone.
The inheritance of our children
The path of endless generations
Make a mark,
Like the flow of great rivers
Carve canyons.

While on either side
Of these valleys of devotion
We can hear the gentle whisperings
Of each moment of our lives
Being lived outside of our trenches
Separate in our self-inflicted servitude
To choices that have long since
Outlived their value to us.

To hear the soft murmurings
Of the long hushed flow of our lives,
We have only to stop
To listen quietly
To every moment
Slowly rising and falling,
As it is the heart that beats
The cadence of our lives
To live fully
We have only to listen.

Marci Babineau is a yoga revolutionary and lover of bliss. She currently lives with her family in the UK and teaches yoga, gardening and IT at an international school south of Cambridge. She wrote her first book at 4 entitled, “Sally’s Seashells by the Seashore”, and has written off and on since then to greater and lesser reception. Most notably published in The Sun Magazine, and in a gardening column, Adventures in Urban Agriculture, published in the Westmount Independent in Montreal, Quebec.


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