What is success? by Virginia Bleau

Everyone has a role model: Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, Sidney Crosby, Amanda Bynes or Michael Phelps. We look up to these people because they have succeeded in life. Success will determine the shape of our life and the creation of our future. In order to reach success, the true meaning of the word plays a fundamental role. Many have wondered how to gain that key to success. In fact, the finding of success differs for every human being.  Although, there will never be an exact definition of success, I describe it as the result of person’s efforts and accomplishments.

Every individual and every society has different principles. Success will be seen through a variety of different aspects, such as academics, sports, music and relationships. Some may think success revolves around money and promotions, while others believe success is happiness. People may be joyful about the career they have chosen, the way they look, the time spent with their family, or simply the state of their health. I say that the real success is having the ability to manage all the wonders that come in your life. The majority of people know they have reached success when they feel good about themselves and what they have accomplished. The hardest part about defining success is following your own goals and values, without considering other people’s opinion. I believe that life is what you decide to make it. Success is living for yourself, rather than for the people that surround you, as well as keeping an open mind. People’s perception of success will most likely change as they grow up and gain maturity.

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle without the two support wheels in the back? Or when you entered medical school? These are two completely different life events that are related  because they show the results of taking risks. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “There I nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Success will only come before work in a dictionary. Dreaming about success will never get people really far.  A difference can only be made by putting in the efforts that are required. On the road to success there are many obstacles that will make it difficult for people to achieve what they are aiming for. It is in those situations that determination and perseverance are acquired. People gain strength to complete the attempted tasks. Success might be considered to have started out as failure, but by never quitting and continuing to look up to their goals, people have adjusted themselves to these circumstances. The harder a person works to obtain her goal, the more rewarding it will be in the end.

Success does not mean to have reached the top. It is to be proud of what you have accomplished, and leave place for improvements. Many have wondered how successful they are. Success will never be measured because there is no limit. No matter how pretty, smart or rich you are, you will always want more. You will never be satisfied with what you have accomplished.

Many people know that success will never be defined because the word can be seen from  so many different perspectives. I have noticed that gaining success always comes from hard work. Be determined and never quit. Achieve your goals, because, who knows, you might just become the next American Idol.

Virginia Bleau is a sixteen year-old student at Villa Maria High School in Montreal


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