Where are the lights of yesteryear ? by Marcel Braitstein

Events seemingly unforgettable






Only fragments


to brighten the fog





Marcel Braitstein,  RCA,  is primarily a sculptor.  Born in Belgium, he arrived in Canada in 1951 and has been exhibiting his work internationally since 1960. Marcel’s works grace numerous public spaces and institutions including: Musee du Quebec, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Confederation Centre Art Gallery P.E.I.

 Marcel taught at UQAM from 1969 – 1998 and is an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. His publications include:


“Enfants traqué, enfant cacheˮ, editions XYZ, Montreal 1995

“Five to ten, Concordia university publication on line

“Les mystères de l’île de Saber, éditions de la Paix, 1998

“Saber dans la jungle de l’Antarctique, édition de la Paix 2000

“Nocturnes, poems and pho

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