A Place Recovered by GRELL V. GRANT

Hues of suffering,
and tear, scattered, loss
or created: birth,
grace, hell, many
bridges to redemption. Endless
shades of wanting, needs,
hollow, shaped
by absence, always
bathed in lack. Witness
the silent
sky, evenly prepared
canvas. Darkly
absent, the layered
perfection of art, triumph,
defeat, real
or imagined, far,
behind the repeating
arcs of hills, sunset
ends. Free, continuing
effort appears and disappears
in shadow. The beautiful
play of reds
and yellows, memory’s
gold: rowed light
on leaf, river
or life—the well-
know design
now unseen. Desire
never sets, suddenly
rises, hisses, even
as twilight begins
to open its soft
wings, feathering us
with a brief history
of darkness. Settled
in this chaos, the hidden
fossil—a tone,
a texture, a breathless
word—recovered, flesh
becoming this-
worldly, dying for the timeless
story and shape of good
redemptive beauty.

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