“bucolia: requiescat” by Martin Reyto

“the city is a marketplace”
—unhappy knowledge for your
urban agoraphobe

so he bought a place in the country
arranged for interment on the grounds
and died there, “went to his repose”
under a mound of rocks with a view—
a kind of promontory—a slope of beech
overlooking a dozen fields plowed
crosshatch, a swatch of water or
darker bit of sky, all
varied by season and time of day.

never quite the same, these
patterns of light & coloured glass,
or the music to which his
sweet-smelling flesh dissolved

love! sang the goldenrod,
milkweed, ragwort, and the butterfly,
love kissed his face from the skull
and leeched it into the water supply.

Martin Reyto’s book of Poetry featuring “bucolia: requiescat” can be ordered from amazon.com There’s also an ebook version (much less expensive, no shipping charge, and instantly downloadable) listed at Barnes and Noble:http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-daisy-fandango-martin-reyto/1020881488?ean=2940046118230

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