sunday @ 6 is an online literary magazine that is published three times each year: FeJanuary, May and October.

sunday @ 6 is about thoughts expressed as words. It is about words creatively organized as poetry, fiction, essay, literary non-fiction, literary criticism and humour. Inasmuch, we accept submissions in any of the above categories. These can be on any subject and in any recognized form. However, all submissions to the magazine must be original works and previously unpublished. Copyright remains with the author.

Spearheaded by creator and editor, Christine Davet, the magazine will provide a venue for talented local Montreal, West Island and off-Island writers and poets to publish their work and find a readership in their communities. It is also designed to fill a literary publishing gap in these very vibrant artistic enclaves.

Contrary to usual practice it will cost nothing to submit work and subscriptions to the magazine will be free.

We encourage you share this site.

To contact us please send an email to: christine.davet@videotron.ca