Painting by Madison Trudel

This pretty girl I knew,
She was pretty, but very blue.
She couldn’t stop the bad habit she started years ago.
She loved to paint,
oh she was good at it too.
She took those art skills and painted herself.
Her body became a canvas,
the razor blades became a paintbrush.
She painted her wrists and her thighs.
She needed to be saved,
from the water she was drowning in,
but every time
someone swam to her,
she went deeper in.
Her smile faded,
her body got weak,
she was no longer hungry enough to eat.
Each picture she painted on her body,
was not beautiful like the ones on a canvas,
she used to paint when she was happy.
they were bloody, and gory.
Each painting had a story,
one she was too afraid to share.
She gave all of her effort to her last painting,
“This was the most beautiful painting of all.”
That was the end to the most beautiful girl of all.

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